Learner's Castle Primary - K12 School Address: Burari A-29, Gali No. -6, Tomar Colony, Burari-110084

Education sets one free. going beyond words to expression, beyond earth to sky, beyond thought to action, "to be a good leader" is our motto at Learners Castle Primary school. The beginning of Learners Castle Primary school dates back to May 2002, when the first admission was done . The school made a humble beginning in 2002.

Future agenda: Affiliation to the Central Board of Secondary Education for its All India Secondary and Senior Secondary Examinations and a member of the National Progressive Schools Conference, there will be classes from Nursery to XII. At the +2 level the School has two streams viz. Science and Commerce.

Modern and latest teaching techniques, smart classes, computers, discipline through example and encouragement, excellent facilities for co-curricular and sporting activities, makes the School an ideal platform for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth of the children in its fold.

With all this and more our school has become one of the most prestigious schools in Delhi, where the students walk hand in hand with the contemporary times realizing the value of togetherness. With the fast moving and expanding horizon our students know that 'All Expansion is Life is a must'.

To create a global educational community of conscientious individuals who have developed their intellectual, artistic & professional talents to the highest degree, and who have an exalted sense of purpose in their lives, inspiring all around them to transcend barriers, overcome odds and work in unison to bring about positive change in society and we believe in Education is for Everyone.

Our vision is Man-Making and Nation-Building. It is our earnest effort to nurture passionate young minds into ethical and committed adults who mature into future path breaking individuals of the highest order.


While the school is making an attempt to make subject boundaries flexible and integrate disciplines, the syllabus can be considered under the following heads :

English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art, Sports, Dance, Theatre, Music

These subjects are reinforced using interactive computer software and practical classes.

All classes also have at least two library periods a week. Library periods aim at developing a love of stories, a love for books and in the older classes the skill of collecting information. Each class also has its own class library.

The school attempts to use the skills of our staff to organize other activities for at least an hour every week. Outside experts are also called in regularly for this purpose. We welcome parent volunteers who believe that they have a special skill or an interest that they could share with our children.

A typical day at Primary school

Hi!! I am a student of primary grade. Come along as I take you to my school & share my everyday experience.

It's 7:50 am that I reach my school gate. The lively atmosphere welcomes me with open arms. As I enter my classroom, I wish my teachers a warm 'Good-Morning! and I receive the same in return with sweet smiles. I drop my bag on my desk and move down to the auditorium for assembly. It gives a feeling of togetherness as the entire school gathers with the assembly bell at 7:55. The same begins by thanking God followed by national anthem, we have different activities like yoga, special assemblies on separate occasions. Heading back to the class accompanied with my class teacher, I start the day with the first period of my time-table at 8:10. My favorite period where I get the opportunity to explore, express & exchange ideas with my peers in the group activities.

We move to different subject zones and classes, we feel very fresh after every period and different views welcome us.As the bell rings the other period begins with a lot of enthusiasm as I play with numbers and increase logical thinking through my hands on experience with concrete material. Proceeding to Arts & Crafts period I develop fine motor skills and add colours to my imagination. Yippy!!!! Its recess and the class ends! I have my delicious lunch and love sharing with my friends. I quickly finish my lunch and rush to play with my friends. After the break time it's time for the English period which enhances my comprehension, writing & speaking skills.

Followed by Sports period for which I have been waiting since the morning, sometimes taekwondo or kick boxing .I increase my gross motor skills/Physical stamina and develop team spirit through different games.

On other days I've dance classes, theatre too where I hone my creative skills.

Oh!! Got to go for the next period, wish I could play for some more time. Yeah!!

Yeah!! But never mind it's computer period where I grow with technology. The day ends with this last period at 2:30pm, time to board the school bus and go home. Wish I could spend some more time in school!



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