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LEARNER’S CASTLE SCHOOL is the flagship of OF LEARNER'S CASTLE EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY (Registered) fraternity. Since its birth in 2002.

Learner's Castle, an expert in preschool education is the best choice for your child

Learner's Castle is a place where kids can develop and grow while reading, listening and playing. Here they progress from dependence to independence – from shaky coordination to refined skills, from body language to verbal communication, from self-absorption to raising social awareness. Some call it pre-school, some call it Fun-School, we call it Learner's Castle pre-schools that believes in enlightening children by entertaining them. looks nothing like a pre-school, but moderately like a kids heaven.
We welcome you to join the Learner's Castle Education Network family and to give your child the best when it comes to an interracial, holistic and empowering learning experience.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly environment to grow young children with active, productive minds with the courage to work on their beliefs with a sense of understanding and clemency for others. To achieve the best education standards in Pre-School, we have discovered a balance between the Eastern culture and western competitive standards which will prepare a winning generation for the 21st century. Our children will grow up to be accommodative, caring, sharing and intelligent individuals.

Our Aim:

The aim and goal of this school are to offer Value Based Education, to make children morally to face the challenges of modern day living and to give them a practical and thoughtful combination of academic excellence and extracurricular activities/character building through a play way method. Our aim is to supervise all our children on their individual journey of learning and discovery and give them the very best opportunities. We assure that each and every child has a happy pre-school experience. We also ensure that each and every child is encouraged and strengthened in order to achieve their whole potential. This means that every child's ability, interests as well as their personality are acknowledged.


Today’s child, tomorrow’s hope
Today mild, tomorrow bold.
This motto well envisions the enlightened objective of Learner’s Castle School with a mission to build a foundation that wants to understand the needs of the young growing mind by enhancing their potentials, bringing forth their creative capabilities, increasing their limits & preparing them for their future


Our aim is to respond to the call of forming the emerging leaders of tomorrow. We are committed to influencing a synergy of talents, knowledge, and values in our children. We envision today’s children as tomorrow’s leadership symbols. We have beaten a milestone departure from the teacher-led to the child-centric. Our learning atmosphere permits each child to recognize their unique learning style, while our MI-aided methodology helps them find their own creative and artistic potential.
Learner’s Castle is committed to empowering your child with the passion, creativity & drive for lifelong learning. All this is complemented by a team of highly dedicated and qualified teachers.
Qualifications owned by our faculty include the following –
Trained Child Psychologists
Teacher-Student Ratio 1:5









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